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Practice Areas

Integrity. Backbone. Results.

Areas of Practice


personal injury negligence

Mr. Eichinger represents individuals who have been injured through the wrongful conduct of others and our office is committed to obtaining the maximum recovery possible for each of our clients. Mr. Eichinger has extensive experience handling a wide variety of serious injury cases, including automobile accidents, premises liability, slip and fall accidents, and construction accidents.

medical malpractice

Mr. Eichinger has extensive legal knowledge in medical malpractice claims. These highly complex cases require a sophisticated understanding of medical principles. By specializing in medical malpractice, Mr. Eichinger has developed the necessary skills to successfully battle insurance companies’ high powered legal teams who seek to minimize their payout on your claim. 

With extensive experience, Mr. Eichinger handles many aspects of medical malpractice claims, including:

  • Anesthesia malpractice

  • Medication malpractice

  • Misdiagnosis/delay in diagnosis

  • Surgical errors

  • Hospital errors

  • Birth injuries

  • Wrongful death

  • Nursing home injuries

Business LAW

Mr. Eichinger’s years of expertise in business law enables him to establish a corporate foundation and assist with maintaining and expanding upon current and new business relationships, and can assist with important legal matters involving:

  • Business formation

  • Developing business contracts

  • Reviewing business contracts

  • Business mortgages and foreclosures

  • Commercial litigation

Mr. Eichinger has extensive knowledge in all aspects of business law and the understanding of how even the smallest business decisions can change a client’s quality of life. That is why we work closely with our clients to pro-actively plan out their business law matters. Our firm knows that when our clients are fully prepared, they will eliminate potential risks and be successful with their business endeavors.

Commercial litigation

Mr. Eichinger handles commercial transactions, business matters and litigation in these areas:

  • Business Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), Sub-Chapter S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LP), Joint Ventures, etc.)

  • Disputes Among Owners, Partners, Members, Joint-Ventures

  • General Business Legal Counsel

  • Breach of Contract

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties

  • Contract Interpretation Disputes

  • Specific Performance of Contracts

  • Injunctions

  • Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation of disputes

  • Business Torts

construction law

When construction disputes occur between general contractors and sub-contractors, construction companies, property owners or other parties, it may seem difficult, expensive and time-consuming to resolve those disputes in a satisfactory manner. While some of these disputes may be resolved through cooperation or other mediation methods, others will only be resolved through litigation or arbitration.

Mr. Eichinger utilizes his years of experience in construction law to represent a wide range of clients in construction litigation across the State of New York.  He has successfully represented general contractors, prime contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors, construction managers, owners, developers and architects.

Real estate

At Charles G. Eichinger and Associates, P.C., we represent buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of both residential and commercial real estate, condominiums and co-ops as well as issues involving various other real estate matters. 

Mr. Eichinger is experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions, including homes, cooperatives, and condominiums. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home, we will assist you through the entire process from the contract of sale or the residential lease to the closing of the property. We also are experienced in commercial real estate transactions, including commercial leases.

estate planning

Mr. Eichinger provides comprehensive wills, trusts, estate planning and probate services to his clients. Our office represents individuals in all aspects of estate planning, including the preparation of:

  • Wills

  • Testamentary Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Living Wills

  • Health Care Proxies.